If you’re a car enthusiast, you already know how important it is to have it detailed. This will keep the exterior looking gleaming and new at all times.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of having your luxury car detailed and the optimal time to schedule this service.

The fundamentals of exterior car detailing

A car detailing service will take care of the following:

  • Hand wash the automobile to ensure the most thorough cleaning possible.
  • To remove any leftover dirt, press and rub detailing clay over the paintwork.
  • Smooth away scratches and nicks with a rotary buffing machine.

Wax the automobile

This is excellent for keeping your car looking new. Additionally, it will help protect the car against rust, fading, and chipping. Additionally, a reputable exterior cleaning shop will clean, condition, and polish the wheels.

You are well aware of the critical nature of routine maintenance in order to keep your car running smoothly. Whether it’s a routine oil change or brake replacement, maintenance is critical for the automobile to operate correctly. Detailing is the preventative maintenance that will keep your car looking beautiful for an extended period of time.

How frequently should I detail my exotic car?

This is contingent upon a variety of circumstances. If you drive your car regularly and have a high mileage on it, you’ll want to schedule your service sooner. Additionally, you’ll require additional detailing work if you infrequently wash and wax your vehicle.

Experts recommend detailing your luxury vehicle twice or three times per year. Detailing is a time-consuming operation that can take up to five hours and is not inexpensive; however, if you wash your car regularly and do not use it for transportation, detailing twice a year should enough.

When should I detail my high-end automobile?

A complete detailing job is best performed in the spring once the cold weather has passed. If you’re traveling to places that experience extreme cold or snow, you’ll also want to protect your vehicle with a premium sealant and wax during the winter months. Sand, salt, snow, and ice all wreak havoc on the exterior of the car.

Interior decoration

If you want the entire vehicle to appear its best, you should also invest in inside detailing. Upholstery made of vinyl, plastic, or leather will be cleaned and sealed to keep its luster. Shampooing and treating carpets will be performed, while floor liners will be repaired or replaced. Additionally, all glass and mirrors will be cleaned and polished. The objective of interior detailing is to bring the interior of the vehicle back to like-new condition.

Do you take the condition of your car seriously? If this is the case, it is time to contact the professionals at Tans Auto Detailing. For two decades, we’ve been restoring vehicles to showroom condition. We can provide you with a fresh coat of paint or high-quality interior detailing. Our professionals complete the task correctly the first time, every time. Give us a call right now to schedule your initial consultation.

Former President Obama Is NOT Going On The U.S. $1 Bill

With the surge of fake news, it’s no surprise to find this story circling the internet. The fake new story involves claims that former President Barack Obama is subjected to take the place of George Washington the U.S. $1 bill. But as all fake new stories are, they’re absent with sources or any actual evidence.

The story first appears on “Stuppid” a self-proclaimed and publicly confirmed “Trending Stupid News” website dedicated to bringing readers wacky and odd new stories which are obviously fake. The article features a photoshopped picture of former President Obama’s face on the $1bill. It has resurfaced on a variety of sites with a site named “True Americans” on the forefront. Nothing screams True American more than regurgitating false information from a “Stuppid” website.

“We thought about creating a new denomination for Obama, but George Washington has had plenty of time in the sun,” says a “spokesperson” in the fake news story. There have been numerous altered articles of the story appearing across the depths of the internet, proving that thousands are victims of confirmation bias.

Comments are pouring in on these sites with the content being “LEAVE OUR MONEY ALONE!” and “this is not okay.”

It is estimated that 20+ websites that are known to produce fake news stories have published a story similar to the original article and many other sites have included polls with the fake news title.

According to ABC News, Stuppid’s Facebook page reported having no recollection of writing the article and they claim they are no longer producing fake new stories. Further investigation revealed the last article was published in May while the Facebook page has been active during December.

Learn more about this story here.



Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

According to an Insurance Information Institute report, thousands of motorcycle accidents occur every year. One of the primary factors that have caused these accidents is the excessive consumption of alcohol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that … “the percentage of motorcycle riders is greater than the percentage of intoxicated drivers on the road.”

This alarming statistic reveals how easy it is for accidents to occur when individuals are not alert enough to operate a motorcycle. Although this is a primary factor, additional factors include vehicle driver distraction and drunk driving. Other statistics revealed that among the 8.4 million motorcycle rides that occurred during 2014, 92,000 injuries were acquired, and 4,586 fatalities occurred.

Click here for more information on motorcycle accidents.

The Consequences of Motorcycle Crashes

The potential of harming others who are not motorcycle riders also increases when vehicles crash as the result of a distracted motorcycle rider. If motorcycle riders and vehicle riders are injured in accidents, the consequences can lead to death or a lifetime of pain. When victims survive, the long-term medical care expense can steadily increase. Without lifetime health coverage, the expenses can become too much to handle.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, there is a way you can protect your rights as a personal injury victim. The Guldjian Law Firm in Orange County provides local representation for clients who are dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle crash.

Typical challenges include employment or wage loss, ongoing medical treatment, and therapy as well as mental distress. These lingering effects can also take a toll on family members who have to care for injured loved ones.

If you don’t have adequate medical coverage, you will either have to pay for medical services from your savings or forego treatment. While the latter is never recommended, many victims often subject themselves to benefit claim denial and will not ask for legal help.

The attorneys at Guldjian Law work in close collaboration with motorcycle accident victims to ensure that personal injury benefits are obtained to help clients live life without the excessive burden of medical bills.

A motorcycle accident can change your life instantly and your recovery time may take longer than you expect. If you want to prevent severe financial loss and protect your legal rights, contact a motorcycle accident attorney at Guldjian Law today.